‘Crimson Peak’ Belt Buckle

These belt buckles were originally privately commissioned by a costuming group. Based on the iconic ‘hand belt’ from Guillermo Del Toro’s Crimson Peak, they from cast resin and then airbrushed for detail. This project involved researching the object, then producing a sculpt in oil clay which was moulded in silicone. The back features inset metal loops for the client to attach their own belt to.

This has developed into a small business which I run alongside my freelance work.
Please see my etsy shop (@cuttleandbone) for more details and purchasing!

4 thoughts on “‘Crimson Peak’ Belt Buckle

  1. Sooo beautiful! I hope there are plans to make more! I just found out about this and immediately went over to Etsy, but of course these gorgeous buckles are all sold out. Isn’t that just the way?

    I see people who bought the buckles are still leaving glowing reviews this month, so at least I’m not popping in to comment on this years after it is over. I may be too late, but only by a little. Heh.


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